University of Kent, RSA Student Design Awards

Heritage is more than all of us. HexaPlaque lets you see the places and people you're connected to. Browse through and discover untold stories and share your own for others to explore.

The aim of this project was to 'Design a way for people and communities to better connect to and celebrate heritage' as part of the RSA student design awards.

My project partner and I started by researching what heritage meant to ordinary people. We did this through surveys, interviews and card sorting. We found that people engaged with stories and this helped them to connect to heritage. We learnt that heritage was never urgent, always a casual activity as it's always there in the background. With our findings we sketched ideas, flows and processes before using the 5 sketches process to push our design imagination to the limit. Then we moved onto creating low fidelity prototypes that went through various iterations with user testing. Finally we arrived at a final design and concentrated on how we could make this a viable product in today's market.

Research phase

Early Ideas

5 Sketches Process

Lo-fi prototyping

Hi-fi prototyping

Hardware design

Final designs