Workplace Pensions

For Clear Books

Auto enrolment allows small businesses to comply with the Pensions Regulator workplace pension’s scheme. Accountants and business users can set up a scheme, discover which employees qualify, pay their correct contributions and send the data to their pension provider.

The aim of this project was to create a legally compliant payroll that guided our novice users through the new legislation.

I started by requirements gathering and getting to grips with the 280 paged document provided by HM Revenue & Customs. I prioritised stories, wrote detailed acceptance criteria and organised the backlog in Jira. I motivated the team and kept them on track, send internal communications to stakeholders to keep them updated on our progress and supplied first draft copy to the marketing team for each iterative release. I drew several flowcharts to map out the user flows including a diagram to illustrate the different states and flows between them. Then I sketched the required screens before moving into Axure to create interactive wireframes. I conducted user testing with our in house accountants, wrote comprehensive support guides for our users and set up a hotline and email system to help users with their queries post launch. I also ran a workshop internally to train all of our front line employees on what auto enrolment means for our customers and how to use our solution.

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