Hi, I'm Hemi

I get excited about designing the entire experience for customers. I love to obsess over details and ensure the experience doesn't fall down between channels and across devices.

One brand. One experience.

I break down complex problems and deliver simple & delightful solutions. I want to empower users so that they achieve more than they previously thought possible. I want to make technology unobtrusive so people can get on doing what they love most. Life is short and we've all had enough of baffling washing machine symbols.

User Centred Design

If you don't understand the user and their needs, get out there.


Between UX, the product owner, the stakeholders, the customer, the designers, the developers, the marketers; heck, the whole team!

Benefits for all

Working as both UX and product owner taught me to strive for a solution that both the business and the user love.

Iterative agile loop

Research, design, test and improve. Provide value every iteration. You can always do better.

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